African Diaspora Students

Your life matters. Your health and well-being matter. You deserve to always be treated with dignity and respect, and you deserve access to resources that consider your African Diaspora identity and lived experiences. 

 We acknowledge that our nation’s healthcare system has a long history of anti-African Diaspora structural violence that has led to significant harm and distrust. SHCS is committed to affirming and providing support for our African Diaspora community members.  

If you have any suggestions for improving this page or how SHCS can support African Diaspora students, please email us at If you're looking resources for racial trauma, please visit UC Davis' Racial Trauma page


African Diaspora Student Wellness

Visit the 8 Dimensions of Wellness page for more information, helpful tips and additional campus resources. We want your feedback! If you have suggestions for this page email us at

  • Emotional Wellness
  • Your emotional wellness is essential to your academic success and we are here to support you! See below for our favorite emotional wellness resources at UC Davis. In addition, we've collected a list of emotional wellness resources for the Black and African Diaspora community.

    - To make an appointment, call (530) 752-0871 to schedule an appointment with Counseling Services. For questions about mental health services based on your location and insurance provider, review this page for helpful information. 

    - Community Advising Network (CAN) is comprised of a team of counselors who are here to help students achieve their goals and address factors that may be affecting their academic success.

    - Each Aggie Matters offers student-centric mental health resources, self-care tips, crisis support services and more!  
  • Occupational Wellness
  • Occupational wellness empowers us to explore careers that are enjoyable and meaningful. UC Davis offers many supportive career and internship resources - we’ve highlighted a few below! 

    - SHCS offers individual career counseling, career exploration groups for undergraduate and graduate students and more! 

    - The Internship and Career Center has information on events and career workshops, helpful information for resumes and interviews, and additional resources based on your career interest. 

    - The Center for Leadership Learning 
    provides undergraduates a unique opportunity to formally learn about leadership and professionalism, while receiving invaluable, hands-on training that will assist them for a lifetime.
  • Intellectual Wellness
  • Intellectual wellness is all about lifelong learning and encourages creativity and mental simulation. UC Davis is filled with so many outlets to fuel your intellectual wellness and we've highlighted a few below.

    The Linda Frances Alexander Scholars Program (LFA) provides academic, social and cultural enrichment for African, African American, and multiracial students that empowers them to attain educational excellence and prepare for our competitive global society. 

    Interesting in studying abroad? Discover what internships and programs interest you on the Global Affairs Study Abroad page!
  • Environmental Wellness
  • Environmental wellness inspires us to appreciate ourselves, our community and the environment - and an integral aspect of this wellness dimension is respect. See below for some resources in the Davis community.

    - The UC Davis Arboretum is available year-round for students, staff, faculty and the larger community! It's a perfect place to relax and take a break on campus. 

    - Outdoors Adventures inspires outdoor activities and fun for everyone!
  • Financial Wellness
  • Financial wellness encourages us to manage money successfully, reduce financial stress and set financial goals. Here are a few UC Davis resources to support your financial wellness:

    - The Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center offers financial support for immediate and short-term resources, budgeting tips and other basic needs support. 

    - Apply for financial aid and scholarships to help with the tuition costs.

    - The Aggie Blue to Gold Wellness Program offers incredibly helpful resources for all UC Davis students!
  • Physical Wellness
  • Physical wellness recognizes that our daily habits and behaviors have an impact on our overall health, well-being and quality of life. Our lifestyle and everyday choices influence our physical wellness including our quality of sleep, water intake and the foods we eat. We've included a short list of UC Davis physical wellness resources below and also created a page highlighting Black and African Diaspora physical wellness resources

    - UC Davis Teaching Kitchen offers free cooking classes, recipes and helpful tips for UC Davis students. 

    - Campus Recreation and Unions includes the Activities and Recreation Center, Aquatics, Craft Center and more. 

    - Get Yourself Tested (GYT) is a UC Davis campaign to help raise awareness about STI / HIV testing. GYT includes frequently asked questions, information on how to make an appointment with SHCS and additional resources. 
  • Social Wellness
  • Social wellness is all about building and nurturing meaningful relationships as well as encouraging healthy communication, respect and trust. We've listed a few specific UC Davis Black and African Diaspora social wellness resources below!

    - The Center for African Diaspora and Student Success is a space for African and African American students to engage together in all aspects of life on campus. CADSS also offers a list of campus programs and resources!

    Black Leadership Ambassadors for Culture and Knowledge (B.L.A.C.K.) is an ambassador (mentorship) program established by the Black males of the UC Davis African Continuum group and offers Black male students with the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to successfully adjust and transition to campus life at UC Davis.
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Spiritual wellness embraces a deeper connection within ourselves. While everyone defines spirituality differently, we wanted to offer a few resources available for students on campus:

    - Listen to our mindfulness and relaxation podcasts featured topics include breathing practices, sleep and gratitude.

    - Reflection Room at the Student Community Center is a great space to unwind and disconnect.