How to Use UC SHIP

Services Outside the United States

When traveling abroad, you will likely have to use a non-network provider and pay out-of-pocket for care, then file a claim with Anthem Blue Cross for reimbursement. UC SHIP covers most out-of-network care at 60 percent of Usual and Customary charges. (Emergency services are covered at 100 percent of billed charges after satisfying your $150 ER copay.) Any remaining balance above the allowed percentage of usual and customary charges is the member's responsibility. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core Brochure (pdf)
Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core International Claim Form (pdf)

To find a BCBS Global Core provider, visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core website, and enter "XDP" as your alpha prefix. You can also call BCBS Global Core Customer Service at 1.800.810.BLUE (2583), or collect at 1.804.673.1177 if you are unable to find a suitable provider.