How to Get Started with Dance

Not only is dancing an amazing way to be creative and express yourself, but it is also a great workout. Particularly for those who are new or returning to regular exercise, dance can be a fun and fulfilling way to incorporate physical activity into a healthy lifestyle. It does not matter how much experience you have – anyone can get started in dance!

Getting Started

There is no one right way to start dancing. Whether you want to boogie around your living room during TV commercials or work toward performing for an audience, you can develop a passion for dancing. Here is a quick guide to getting started:

There are countless styles of dance to choose from, including hip-hop, tap, jazz, ballroom, ballet, swing, lyrical, cultural dance styles and more. As you’re choosing a style, take into account your personal goals and dance inspirations. Don’t be afraid to try something that seems impossible – everyone starts somewhere, and you’re more likely to get better if you actually like it!