A Message From the UC Davis Student Health Pharmacy

The Student Health and Wellness Center is now open to all students. Please call the Pharmacy at (530) 752-9657 before coming in so they can fill your prescription(s). Whenever possible, prescriptions should be picked up the same day they are filled. Enter the building through the Main Entrance and have your Daily Symptom Survey approval ready to show the greeter at the door. Please note: the mail order service is no longer available. Thank you.

SHCS Pharmacy is here to serve the college health needs for all registered students. We have a wide variety of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Pharmacists and pharmacy staff work directly with Providers to ensure the best possible care.

Services Offered:
  • We accept prescriptions from SHCS and Outside Providers
  • Confidential Pharmacist Clinical Consultation for Prescription and OTC medications
  • Screening for Drug Interactions, Allergies and Duplicate Therapies
  • Student responsibility to costs are billed to student accounts
  • Online Refill Requests through portal (health e-messaging) (HyperLink-click on “portal” to access Messaging)
  • Competitive Prices on various OTC Products (HyperLink to OTC Form)
  • Competitive Pricing for Non-SHIP Patients’ Prescriptions (It Pays to Check)
  • Pharmacy Staff will work with Providers for any Prescription Insurance Prior Authorizations needs

All Copays and OTC/Rx Charges are billed to Student’s Account (MyBill) hyper-link?

Wellness To Go Vending Machine

To find more over-the-counter products on campus -- especially when the SHCS Pharmacy is closed -- visit the Wellness to Go vending machine in the ARC Study Lounge. Products include safer sex products, OTC emergency contraceptionpregnancy tests, menstrual supplies and more.


Pharmacy Spotlight

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Conrad B, Pharm.D., R.Ph.

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