SHCS Pharmacy is here to serve the college health needs for all registered students. We have a wide variety of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Pharmacists and pharmacy staff work directly with Providers to ensure the best possible care.

Services Offered:
  • We accept prescriptions from SHCS and Outside Providers
  • Confidential Pharmacist Clinical Consultation for Prescription and OTC medications
  • Screening for Drug Interactions, Allergies and Duplicate Therapies
  • Student responsibility to costs are billed to student accounts
  • Additional Refill Requests to provider through portal    
  • Competitive Prices on various OTC Products  
  • Competitive Pricing for Non-SHIP Patients’ Prescriptions (It Pays to Check)
  • Pharmacy Staff will work with Providers for any Prescription Insurance Prior Authorizations needs

All Copays and OTC/Rx Charges are billed to Student’s Account (MyBill)  

Note: Students are not required to use the SHCS Pharmacy for filling/refilling prescriptions.

Wellness To Go Vending Machine

To find more over-the-counter products on campus -- especially when the SHCS Pharmacy is closed -- visit the Wellness to Go vending machine in the ARC Study Lounge. Products include safer sex products, OTC emergency contraceptionpregnancy tests, menstrual supplies and more.