UC SHIP Dental Benefits

UC SHIP dental benefits are provided through a Delta Dental of California PPO plan.

Dental services are not available at the Student Health and Wellness Center, but you may elect to obtain services from any licensed dentist nationwide. 

Dental services DO NOT require a referral from Student Health.

How To Use The UC SHIP Dental Benefits

Option 1 - For your lowest out-of-pocket costs, you may visit a Delta Dental PPO dentist. These are Delta Dental dentists who have agreed to accept discounted fees for Delta Dental PPO enrollees

Option 2 - You may visit a dentist from the Delta Dental Premier dental list. These dentists represent a very broad, nationwide network, whose fees are determined by Delta Dental. Your out-of-pocket costs with a Premier dentist will usually be lower than with a non-Delta Dental dentist.

Option 3 - You may select any licensed dentist, even one who is not a PPO or Premier dentist. With this option, you will likely have higher out-of-pocket costs since these dentists have no fee restrictions.