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To access free safer sex products and menstrual supplies, you can:

  • Visit the Love Lab in the Health Education & Promotion office on the 3rd floor of the Student Health & Wellness Center during regular business hours
  • At the Main Entrance of the Student Health & Wellness Center, you can ask staff at the door for a pre-made Love Lab bag. Each pre-made bag contains 10 external condoms and 5 lube packets. Dental dams and internal condoms are available on request, or you can come up to the Love Lab.
  • Check out the UC Davis Sexcess Map to find a location where you can purchase them or pick them up for free on and around campus. Please be sure to contact the location first to verify the information on the map, since it is updated annually and there have been inevitable changes due to COVID-19.


What is The Love Lab?

The Love Lab is a mobile cart stocked with external condoms, internal condoms, dental dams, water-based lubricant and silicone-based lubricant available to UC Davis students at no charge. It also provides educational materials, buttons and stickers. The Love Lab travels around campus with the Health Education and Promotion (HEP) volunteers, and allows students to take up to 10 safer sex products per visit.

Where is it located?

It is located in the Student Health and Wellness Center located on La Rue, across from the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). The Love Lab is located inside Health Education and Promotion on the 3rd floor and is accessible during normal hours of operation.

Need safer sex supplies when The Love Lab is closed? Check out the UC Davis Sexcess Map for a list of locations to purchase supplies in the Davis area.

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