Primary Care

How to Make an Appointment

Cost - Registered: $15.00
Cost - Unregistered: $45.00

Primary care appointments are staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses experienced in the medical needs of college students. The majority of the problems you may experience while here at Davis will be effectively handled in this clinic. Our Primary Care service includes Sports Medicine clinics which are available to students on a referral basis. Both recreational and ICA athletes are welcome to use the clinics. Nursing appointments for travel, HIV testing, and a variety of immunizations are also available.

SHCS is committed to providing body inclusive care. You can decline being weighed or you can decline knowing what your weight is at your appointment. Find out how to decline being weighed at your appointment. 

The cost of a visit to primary care does not include the cost for any clinical support services (such as Lab, X-ray, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy) needed at the time of visit.

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) puts patients at the center of their health care. Patients benefit when they see the same health care provider over time. We assign each patient a primary care provider (PCP) at the first primary care visit, unless the patient has assigned one for themselves online. We strive to schedule most of your appointments with this provider or their team. You may visit our Meet Your Provider page to read more about our providers. Seeing your PCP allows for continuity of care, which fosters an ongoing, cooperative relationship that allows your provider to better understand your specific needs for information and care.

SHCS offers UC Davis students care for wellness, illness, injury, sexual and reproductive health, and gender related concerns.

  • Services are available to all registered students, regardless of insurance.
  • All medical services are located at the Student Health and Wellness Center.
  • You must schedule an appointment for medical services.

Primary care appointments are staffed by physicians experienced in the medical needs of college students. The majority of the problems you may experience while here at Davis can be effectively handled in this clinic. Nursing appointments are also available in Primary Care for immunizations, internship and travel clearances.


Sexual and Reproductive Services

At SHCS, we strive to provide sexual and reproductive health services to fit the needs of all of our patients. Services we provide include pelvic and breast exams, diagnosis, and treatment of vaginal infections and STI’s, genital and urological problems, prescriptions for contraception and emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, and pregnancy counseling and referrals. All sexual and reproductive health services are provided by your primary care provider. However, if you prefer to see a provider other than your primary care provider for visits pertaining to sexual or reproductive health, you may request to be seen in the Sexual Health clinic when making your appointment in person or over the phone. Sexual Health clinic is staffed by two female nurse practitioners.

Gender Care Services

At SHCS, we provide transgender care including the following:

  • Medication initiation and management, including hormones
  • Referrals for surgical procedures for gender affirmation
  • Referrals for mental health care and support
  • Appropriate primary care and preventative screening
  • Coordination of care and resources
  • Assistance with gender change on official documents