Health Education and Promotion

What We Do

Mission, Vision and Values

Health Education and Promotion (HEP) uses a health equity lens to foster environments, institutional practices and a campus culture that promote student well-being and academic success. We envision a campus where student health and well-being are intentionally embedded throughout UC Davis. We intentionally center these values in all of our work: evidence-informed action, social justice, student-centricity, collaboration, trauma-Informed practice. Come visit our office for free resources such as safer sex products, Narcan, fentanyl testing strips and helmets!

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Our Work

We primarily focus on the following content areas: 

  • Sexual Well-Being
  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Risk Reduction
  • Supportive Campus Environments

Our major initiatives for each content include:

Love Lab 

The Love Lab is a mobile cart at the HEP office stocked with external condoms, internal condoms, dental dams, water-based lubricant and silicone-based lubricant available to UC Davis students at no charge. It also provides pads and tampons, in addition to educational materials, buttons and stickers. The "Love Lab" also serves as the brand for many sexual well-being initiatives and the Love Lab instagram.

Love Lab Instagram

Safe Party 

The Safe Party initiative was created to give judgement free information about booze, drugs and more. The Safe Party website is equipped with information for party-goers and party throwers about all things alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. You can also follow the Safe Party Instagram for tips and resources about safe partying.

Safe Party Instagram

Aggie Mental Health 

Aggie Mental Health is a campus-wide mental health campaign supporting student mental health and well-being. This campaign is a collaboration between HEP and the Aggie Mental Health Ambassador program. Visit the Aggie Mental Health website for help navigating all of campus's mental health resources, including Counseling Services. You can also follow the Aggie Mental Health Instagram for up to date information about mental health resources on campus. 

Aggie Mental Health Instagram

Supportive Campus Environments

There is an undeniable link between campus environments and the students who live in them. The spaces where a student sleeps, eats, learns, and connects all influence their capacity to flourish. We must create campus environments that support students, rather than ones which create barriers to and hinder their well-being. A few major initiatives in this content area include Helmet Hair, Don't Care; Decline to Weigh at SHCS; and Thriving in Graduate School

Teaching Kitchen

The Teaching Kitchen is a program for students that offers free cooking demonstrations with curriculum that emphasizes nutrition and culinary education, and skill building. All cooking demonstrations are designed with the busy student in mind. The demonstrations provide food preparation and cooking skills, nutrition education and meal suggestions to inspire even the busiest student to cook! You can follow the Teaching Kitchen Instagram for cooking tips and event announcements. 

Teaching Kitchen Instagram