UC SHIP ID Cards Information

UC SHIP ID cards are electronic, available via an app called Sydney, that you can download to your smartphone or tablet.

If you do not have a compatible smartphone, you can also access this information online at www.anthem.com.

If you have questions regarding the Sydney App, please contact UC SHIP Customer Service: 1-866-940-8306.  

Make Sure Your Address Is Correct!

Hard-copy ID cards are no longer automatically mailed to UC SHIP enrolled students. Students will want to make sure their address is correct so that any mailings that may be sent from Anthem Blue Cross, Delta Dental, or OptumRx are sent to the correct address. Mailings can include Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for services received, or informational materials about your plan benefits.

To make sure you have the correct address on file, log into the Health-e-Messaging system and verify your address in your Profile. If needed, you can edit your address there, and the updated address will be forwarded to all of the insurance carriers. Updates are forwarded once a week.

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Medical/Vision ID Cards

UC SHIP uses Anthem Blue Cross for both medical and vision coverage. Use the Sydney App to access your ID card for both medical and vision services.


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Dental ID Cards

As an enrollee with Delta Dental, you don’t need an ID card. Your dental ID number is the same as your Anthem Blue Cross medical ID number, but without the XDP prefix. If you don’t know your assigned ID number, you may contact your campus student health center to obtain this information.

When visiting a Delta Dental dentist, simply provide the assigned ID number. The dental office will use that information to verify your eligibility and benefits.

**Your dentist's office will not be able to verify your eligibility and benefits if you provide them with your Social Security Number.**