Health Education and Promotion (HEP) Student Coordinators

Health Education and Promotion Student Coordinators

Health Education and Promotion (HEP) recruits student coordinators each academic year for paid positions. Student Coordinators work 8 – 12 hours per week (average 10) when school is in session.

As a Student Coordinator you will: 

  • improve student health equity by reducing health disparities among marginalized populations.
  • build relationships with campus and community stakeholders. 
  • develop, implement and evaluate messaging strategies and content (social marketing campaigns, handouts, social media, etc.).
  • facilitate peer education programs in residence halls, classrooms and other settings. 
  • plan, promote, execute and evaluate outreach events.

Student Coordinators at HEP are hired for one of these 5 content areas: 

  • The Safe Party Student Coordinators will plan and implement peer outreach, workshops and social media efforts that focus on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, safe partying, being an active bystander, cannabis awareness and more.
  • The Supportive Campus Environment Student Coordinators will plan and implement outreach related to movement and bike safety, develop health communication materials, and collaborate with campus partners to advocate for environmental and policy change. This team strives to create campus environments that support students, rather than ones which create barriers that hinder their well-being.
  • The Love Lab Student Coordinators will coordinate Love Lab outreach and programming, develop content for the Love Lab Instagram page, plan and develop sexual well-being health resource materials. 
  • The Mental Health Student Coordinators will be responsible for assisting with projects related to sleep health, stress management, suicide prevention and stigma reduction with the ability to collaborate on overarching related mental well-being projects and programming. 
  • The Teaching Kitchen Student Coordinators plan, prepare, and facilitate hands-on Teaching Kitchen cooking classes with attention to maintaining food safety standards and create Teaching Kitchen social media content (@UCDTeachingKitchen), including cooking videos, recipes, and nutrition information.

We are seeking students with the following skills, knowledge and abilities:


  •     Satisfactory academic standing 
  •     Strong project management skills 
  •     Strong organization skills, with attention to detail 
  •     Strong oral and written communication skills
  •     Demonstrated working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  •     Ability to work autonomously and as part of a team 


  •  Background and/or experience in the content area(s) for which you are applying
  •  Students who have demonstrated experience in campus involvement
  •  Public speaking experience
  •  Group facilitation skills

Medical Clearance Requirement

Since this position is located at a health facility, all employees are required to participate in preventive medical and monitoring programs, which include a physical exam, hearing test, blood test and TB screening and may also include immunizations. These screenings are provided to meet Federal, State and University requirements.

Apply on Handshake

We recruit during the beginning of Spring quarter every year and post our positions to Handshake. Check Handshake for open positions or email with any questions.