Helmet Hair Don't Care

Bike accidents happen independently of how safely you ride and the best thing you can do to protect yourself from an unexpected accident is to wear a helmet.


Trees are turning to their autumn color as a student with a bike helmet rides  across campus

Sign the HHDC Pledge - Get a FREE helmet!

The Helmet Hair Don’t Care pledge aims to increase UC Davis students’ access to safe and comfortable helmets. Students that sign the pledge will be given a free helmet to show their commitment to the pledge. By signing the pledge, students are joining a community of individuals dedicated to decreasing the number of bicycle crash-related injuries.

10 Reasons You Should Sign the Helmet Hair Don’t Care Pledge

1. To protect your brain, head and face.
2. It's free at the Bike Barn.
3. Use it to start a trend.
4. Increase awareness of smart biking behaviors on campus.
5. Hide a bad hair day.
6. Avoid a concussion.
7. To keep your head dry when it rains.
8. Prevent injuries & expensive medical bills
9. To protect your head from bird droppings and squirrels falling from trees.
10. It's free!

How do I sign the pledge and collect my helmet?

Sign the Helmet Hair Don’t Care Pledge electronically then show the Bike Barn employees your confirmation page to get your free helmet.

We think your friends probably want a free helmet too. Tell them about the Helmet Hair Don’t Care pledge and share your experience on Instagram and Facebook! #helmethairdontcare

Sponsors: Student Health and Counseling Services, Transportation and Parking Services, The Bike Barn

Take the pledge

Bike circle near the Quad

Bike Education and Resources

Are you looking for general about bicycle safety and maintenance resources? Check out these resources to help you feel like a more confident biker on and off campus: