Resources Especially for

You deserve to always be treated with dignity and respect, and you deserve access to resources that consider your identity and lived experiences. These pages offer health and wellness resources for those student communities served by the Community Resource and Retention Centers (CRRC)

We acknowledge that our nation’s longstanding history of structural and systemic injustice has led to significant harm and distrust, and understand that these violent systems of oppression have a direct impact on health and well-being.

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) is committed to providing culturally- relevant, student-centered and trauma-informed care for all students. Our Patient Rights and Responsibilities affirm that everyone has the right to the same consideration and respect as anyone else, regardless of race, age, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or lifestyle. 

SHCS staff are here for you, and we encourage you to explore our staff bios to find a medical and/or mental health provider that best fits your needs.

If you feel your rights have not been respected, or wish to file a complaint, compliment, or suggestion, you can:

  • Complete a Comments form and deposit in one of the locked comment boxes at the Student Health & Wellness Center. 
  • Contact the Student Health and Counseling Services Quality Management Office at 530-752-6559