Resources for Students with Disabilities

Disability and ability are facets of diversity, and a natural part of the human experience. Unlike other aspects of identity, disability is a category that anyone could experience at any time, and comprises many different conditions -- both visible and invisible, chronic and transient. Whether or not an individual chooses to identify as having a disability is a personal matter that should be respected. All identities are layered and complicated, so please refer to people as they would like to be referred to, and practice advocacy for yourself and those around you.

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Tools and Resources

  • Getting An Evaluation
  • Are you wondering if you have a learning disability and are interested in scheduling an evaluation?
    - If you have UC SHIP, Insurance Services ca help you arrange the evaluation. Contact Insurance Services by calling (530) 752-6055, or emailing
    - If you don't have UC SHIP, the Student Disability Center can help you work with your insurance provider to coordinate an evaluation or identify alternative options.

    Are you not sure if you're ready to have an evaluation and would like to talk with someone about your experiences? Staff at the Student Disability Center are there to simply listen to your story. You don't need a referral or documentation to talk with them. Schedule an appointment by calling (530) 752-3184, or emailing
  • Counseling Services
  • Counseling Services offers a range of mental health support services available to all students:
    - Individual Counseling is confidential short-term therapy available to all registered UC Davis students at no charge. The initial appointment will help clarify if short-term individual counseling is recommended, and an appointment will be made with a staff member as soon as possible. If longer term counseling services are needed, referral to a community professional will be made. To schedule an appointment, call (530) 752-0871.
    - Living with Chronic Medical Conditions and Disabilities Group Counseling
              - If you are interested in participating in this group, please call Counseling Services at (530) 752-0871, or come to 219 North Hall for an initial consultation or group screening appointment.
    - You Got This skill building workshops are designed to help build personal awareness, develop coping skills, and promote self-care. Visit the Group Counseling page to learn more about the workshop themes that are currently available.
  • Asking For Help
  • It can be difficult to ask questions and seek guidance, so here are some tips to help you become your biggest advocate:
    - Be part of a team. Find people you trust and can lean on when you need support.
    - Frequently remind yourself that asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.
    - Find affirmations that resonate with you. For example, "I am not the problem. The environment needs to change, and I can use these resources to help me succeed."
    - Know your rights and responsibilities, so you can advocate for yourself when needed.
    - Reflect on positive past experiences.
    - Talk with your peers, if you're comfortable sharing your experiences>
  • Self-Care Tips
  • Self-care is self-defined and includes these areas: enjoyable activities, healthy lifestyles, supportive communities, personal relationships, mental stimulation, and creative expression. Here are some ways that you can engage in self-care:
    - Spend time outside
    - Do something that makes you laugh
    - Take a few deep breaths
    - Read for fun, not school
    - Take a nap
    - Eat food that brings you joy
    - Move your body in a way that energizes you
    - Call someone that makes you happy

    For more self-care resources, please visit Aggie Mental Health
  • Resources to Help You Flourish
  • According to the Social Model of Disability, there should be no limits set on what people with disabilities can achieve; the key is finding the support which they need to enable them to achieve these things. Check out these campus and community resources available to support at guide you through your journey at UC Davis.

    Campus Support
    - Mobility Assistance Shuttle
    - Safe Rides Shuttle (VIP wheelchair transportation)
    - Disability Rights Advocacy Committee
    - Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs Case Managers
    - Success Coaching and Learning Strategies
    - Disability Management Services (for graduate students with teaching assistant positions)
    - Special Requests for UC Davis Athletics events
    - Student Disability Center

    Campus Involvement Opportunities
    Eye to Eye
    Autism and Neurodiversity Community at UC Davis

    Community Support
    Department of Rehabilitation Student Services
    Regional Resources for People with Disabilities