Group Services

Group Services

Cost: Most groups are available at no charge, only career groups have a fee.
Access: Most groups require an initial consultation or group screening appointment, however, some groups are drop-in. Each group is marked whether it is drop-in or requires screening.
Eligibility: All registered students.
Location: Location varies from group to group. For more information or to schedule a screening call SHCS registration at (530) 752-0871 or visit 219 North Hall.

Other Related Services: Individual Counseling

Group services is a great way to meet with other students who can relate to one another. Students will find a forum of peer support, gaining strength as they share their feelings and experiences with other students who are facing the same obstacles as themselves

Group Listings

Groups typically consist of 4-10 students meeting weekly and are available to all registered students.

You Got This (YGT) Series

You Got This (YGT) consists of psycho-educational, skill building workshops designed to help build personal awareness, develop coping skills and promote self-care.  For the Winter 2020 quarter, we will offer workshops on the following topics;  Mindfulness, Coping with Anxiety, Wellness Ways – dialectical behavioral therapy skills and Gratitude.

The Mindfulness workshop combines evidence-based practices for more skillful management of a variety of concerns.  Participants will practice mindfulness techniques in a low pressure, supportive environment. 

Coping with Anxiety is a three-part workshop series that looks at anxiety through the lens of connection with the mind, body and present moment.  This series utilizes evidence-based practices for coping with anxiety.  The modules are not sequential, and recur regularly so that students can start the series at any point.  However, participants that attend each of the three separate workshops will gain the most benefits.  As part of this series, participants will learn about the relationship between anxiety and thinking styles, in which participants understand how their thoughts, emotions, and behavior are linked.  Participants will also learn about mindfulness, practice techniques and how to incorporate into daily routine.  In addition, participants will learn relaxation techniques that bring calmness and grounding to them.  Participants will also learn how to improve sleep, impact of food on anxiety, and other resources available at Counseling Services for anxiety management. 

Wellness Ways is a two-part workshop series that introduces a brief overview of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) skills for distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and emotional regulation.  This series utilizes evidence-based practices for creating connections, decreasing distress, and focusing on feelings.  Students can sign up anytime and are not required to attend both sessions.  However, participants that attend both sessions in sequential order (i.e., session 1, session 2) will gain the most benefits.  The Wellness Ways series includes the following workshop titles; Decreasing Distress, Creating Connections, Focusing on Feelings and Boosting Brainpower. 

  • Decreasing Distress (Distress Tolerance)
  • Learn how to tolerate and handle distressing moments as they arise. In this 2-session course, you will learn and practice skills that can help you function better when times are hard, such as midterms, finals, and other challenging situations. You'll explore how to stop working against stress, and start working within yourself to live more fully in your life.
  • Creating Connections (Interpersonal Effectiveness)
  • Is saying no difficult for you? Is asking for help a challenge? Is communicating your needs hard? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop may be beneficial for you to learn skills to better your relationships. In this 2-session course, you will learn to build, maintain, and balance relationships through effective interpersonal skills.
  • Focusing on Feelings (Emotion Regulation)
  • What are emotions? Why do we have them, and what are they good for? In this 2-session course, you will learn about what your emotions and feelings are telling you, and how to regulate them. The skills learned in this course will help you to observe and describe your emotions so that you can cope with them more effectively.
  • Boosting Your Brainpower
  • In this 1-session workshop, you will learn skills and mindfulness exercises aimed to improve your reactions to stress, increase your openness to what the present experience has to offer, and increase your confidence going into finals week.
  • Gratitude
  • During the Gratitude workshop, students will learn about gratitude, and the health benefits linked to practicing gratitude. Students will learn research supported ways to infusing the state of being grateful into daily living.

Students are welcome to select any of the workshops listed, and repeat any of the YGT workshops. Space is limited, so please encourage students to reserve their spot now.