• Acupuncture is recognized by the World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health as an effective treatment for many medical problems.
  • Acupuncture works by encouraging the body's natural healing mechanisms to function properly, as follows:
    • Insertion of very thin needles at precise acupuncture points stimulate the body's energy (Qi or Chi) to flow along meridians (pathways) that run through the body. Disease is thought to be caused by stagnant or blocked Qi, thus unblocking Qi with acupuncture promotes healing.
  • Needles used for acupuncture are very different from those used for injections or blood drawing. Acupuncture needles are much thinner and have smooth edges.
  • Although everyone experiences acupuncture differently, most people report very little, if any, pain as the needles go in and they feel very relaxed after a treatment.
  • The number of treatments needed differs from person to person, as each treatment is tailored to the individual and their specific needs.

Cost: $90 per visit*

* The cost for an acupuncture visit varies depending on several factors. If you are on the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) and have a referral from your primary care provider your visit will be covered by your plan at 100%. If you have private insurance, please refer to your insurance company for coverage information. Call the Student Health Insurance Office for more details about SHIP coverage at (530) 752-6055.