Healthcare Equality Index

We are proud to earn the distinction of being named a Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality in the Human Rights Campaign’s Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) for the second year in a row.

What is the Healthcare Equality Index?

The Healthcare Equality Index is a tool that benchmarks healthcare facilities across the nation on policies and practices dedicated to the equitable treatment and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ patients, visitors and employees.

These policies and practices are centered on four categories:

  • Non-Discrimination and Staff Training
  • Patient Services and Support
  • Employee Benefits and Policies
  • Patient and Community Engagement

What does being an HEI Leader mean for students?

We recognize that LGBTQIA+ people have been -- and continue to be -- harmed by healthcare systems. In turn, many LGBTQIA+ people delay or avoid seeking the medical or mental healthcare services they need to stay healthy.

As such, we are committed to an ongoing process of ensuring that LGBTQIA+ Aggies feel comfortable and respected when seeking our services and resources. Here are some ways we have worked to improve how we serve LGBTQIA+ students:

  • Mandated annual training for all staff in LGBTQIA+ patient care
  • Created a resource page for LGBTQIA+ Students
  • Added questions about sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) to our Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • Standardized collection of SOGI data in our pre-visit questionnaires
  • Implemented annual LGBTQIA+ student needs assessment
  • Developed SHCS Guidelines for the Quality Care of Trans Patients

If you have any comments or suggestions for how we can improve our services and resources for LGBTQIA+ students, please let us know.