Building a Trusting Relationship With Your Provider Is Vital

Receiving care from a provider who you trust is a key component in taking care of your pelvic health, because it will allow you to feel more comfortable asking questions and addressing your concerns. If you feel as though your provider does not meet your needs, do not be afraid to switch to a different provider with whom you are more comfortable.

If you are LGBTQIA+ and are looking for a knowledgeable provider, check out this LGBTQIA+ Health Resource Map, created by UC Davis Health, or the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.

If you wish to file a complaint, compliment or suggestion, or feel your rights* have not been respected, or you can:

  • Complete a Comments form and deposit in one of the locked comment boxes at Student Health and Counseling (SHCS) Services.
  • Contact the SHCS Quality Management Office at 530-754-7163