How to Make a Friend

Overview of How to Make a Friend

We are wired to be social and connect with others. Positive relationships increase our quality of life including overall happiness. Coming to college presents a host of potential challenges. Typically, as a new college student, you are leaving your family and friends behind. This creates a challenge of having to re-establish and build new relationships. Adjustment can be a difficult process that is eased with the development of friends. Research shows that when we are able develop friendships with others in the area and integrate ourselves into the college community, adjustment and overall experiences improve.

There are many different types of friendships. Some are more fulfilling than others. We encourage all students to expand their friendship base by meeting new people with varying identities and experiences.

What Can Be Done

Be Active

Be Persistent

Don’t give up, it takes time develop new relationships. We have a large campus, chances are you will find someone you can relate with. The more you take risks and try to interact with others, the more likely you will make connections with others.

Engage in Social Networking

You can join Facebook, list serves, Davis Wiki, Twitter, blogs, meet-up, etc. Many groups and communities on campus have their own online networking pages to advertise events, communicate with others, and develop relationships.

Be Approachable

  • Sit next to people in class, start a conversation, try and get to know others around you
  • Do your homework in the library or another public place on campus or Davis
  • Limit your use of sun glasses and hats when interacting with others, as these items can sometimes be a physical barrier to others
  • Invite someone for lunch or coffee/tea

Volunteer, Find an Internship, or Find a Job

UC Davis offers many great volunteer and internship opportunities.

Creating new friendships can be one of the struggles that international students face. Learn more about adjusting as an international student by reading our health topic on International Students.

How We Can Help

SHCS provides acute care, drop-in services, brief individual therapy, group therapy, and referrals for on-going therapy

You can schedule an intake with a counselor at North Hall by calling (530) 752-2349Acute Care drop-in services are available on the first floor of the Student Health and Wellness Center.