Waiving Enrollment in UC SHIP

All registered students at UC Davis are automatically enrolled in UC SHIP each academic year. If you have insurance coverage that meets or exceeds all of the UC SHIP Waiver Criteria, you can waive enrollment in UC SHIP.

New waiver applications must be submitted prior to the start of each new academic year by the posted waiver deadline date.

If you are a returning student wishing to renew your UC SHIP waiver - BEGIN WAIVER APPLICATION

If you are a new student to UC Davis, or have never submitted a waiver application, please see below.

Waiver Deadline Dates

  • 2019-20 Academic Year 
    Semester Students:
    Fall Deadline - August 10th, 2019
    Spring Deadline - December 10th, 2019

    Quarter Students:
    Fall Deadline - September 10th, 2019
    Winter Deadline - December 10th, 2019
    Spring Deadline - March 10th, 2020
  • Registering on the Waiver Site
    Students who have never submitted a waiver application before must log into the waiver site using your Kerberos ID and passphrase. Once authenticated, you will be redirected to the Academic Health Plan (AHP) waiver site, where you will be required to register.
    The registration process will allow you to log into the waiver site in the future, and will maintain all of the information you enter. 
  • Waiver Information
    Once you have registered on the AHP waiver site, you will need to enter information about your insurance coverage, and upload copies of both your insurance ID card and your insurance plans benefits summary*. These documents will be used to verify your eligibility and that your plan meets all of the current waiver criteria.

    Begin Waiver Application

    *Students with Medi-Cal, Tricare, or Medicare are not required to upload copies of your insurance plans benefits summaries as these plans all satisfy the waiver criteria.