Choosing a Medical or Mental Health Provider

Several members of our medical and counseling staff have interest and/or specialized training in queer and trans care. There are a couple of ways you can find those providers.

1. Check out the Gender Care Team tab below this one to find out more about transgender services at SHCS. You can also visit the Meet the Staff page and search for the terms "transgender" or "Gender Care Team."

2. Visit the Meet the Staff page and search for the term "LGBTQ."

You may also choose to simply spend some time browsing the bios of all of our medical and counseling staff to find one that you think would best meet your needs. It is always important to establish an ongoing, trusting relationship with a provider so that you can receive the best care possible.

Please remember that you are always able to switch providers on your Health-e-Messaging portal if you feel that your needs are not being met.

Gender Care Team

The Gender Care Team is a group of providers at Student Health & Counseling Services who have interest and specialized training in addressing needs of trans patients. The Gender Care Team supports trans patients by connecting them to resources (such as hormonal therapy), and supporting self-defined well-being as determined by the patient.

The providers on the Gender Care Team are:


Brenden Tu, MD MS (he, him, his)
Mollie Teng, MD, MPH (she, her, hers)
Kristin Satow, MD (she, her, hers)
Cindy Schorzman, MD FAAFP (she, her, hers)


Maia Huang, LMFT (she, her, hers)
Hillary Alejo, LCSW (she, her, hers)
Katie Cougevan, PhD (she, her, hers)
Karin Nilsson, PhD (she, her, hers)
Roxana Reyes, LMFT (she, her, hers)

To schedule an appointment, please call the Appointment Desk at 530-752-2349 and mention interest in the Gender Care Team's services.