Michael Lysaght, LMFT

Michael Lysaght

Position Title
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Counseling Services

How I Work With Students

You are the expert in your own lived experience, including what you’ve done, what you’re willing to do, how you’re feeling. You are likely interested in counseling because you want one of those things to change. I’m most often excited to explore what motivates you or what limiting or self-defeating beliefs are holding you back.

About Me

I am a native of Sacramento, who moved back home in 2017, after 16 years in the Bay Area for college and career experiences. Before working in mental health full-time, I worked with Bay Area high school students applying to and transitioning to college, where I became interested in the intersectionality of performance anxiety and achievement. Most recently, I worked for four years as the Mental Health Case Manager at San Francisco State University.

Professional Interests

I work with young adults in transition, providing culturally competent care to the LGBT, queer and sexual minority communities (including transgender youth and adults, BDSM practitioners and polyamorous individuals and relationships) and those who are impacted by self-identified or family-identified incidents of severe mental illness. I am interested in removing barriers to national licensure within the therapy profession, and am currently licensed in five states (CA, NV, OR, CO, FL).

Contact Information

Students are advised to use Health-e-Messaging for all communications.