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Discover the power of shared experiences in our Group Counseling sessions, a key support system for students navigating life's challenges. Our groups, of 6-8 students, are led by experienced therapists, focusing on social skills, personal growth, and the unique benefit of peer feedback. Whether you're grappling with common issues or specific themes, these sessions are a safe space for both undergraduate and graduate students. Regular weekly meetings deepen the impact of this journey, fostering a strong sense of community and understanding. Dive into the details of each group to find your fit and embark on a transformative path with us.


Group Descriptions

Many of the groups offered have elements from each of the descriptions listed below, creating a combined process/support group, for example.  The group facilitator(s) can help you better understand how a group fits with your specific needs.  

Identity-Based Groups

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  • Lavender Connection: LGBTQIA+ Undergraduate Students Support Group
  • Lavender Connection: LGBTQIA+ Undergraduate Students Support Group Banner

    Discover Your Community with Lavender Connection: An LGBTQIA+ Undergraduate Support Group

    Welcome to Lavender Connection, a vibrant support group crafted specifically for LGBTQIA+ undergraduate students. If you're seeking a secure and confidential space to explore and embrace your LGBTQIA+ identity, this is the place for you.

    In Lavender Connection, we provide a nurturing and affirmative environment where you can share your experiences and deepen your understanding of your gender and/or sexual identity. It's a space where your stories, challenges, and victories are heard and celebrated.

    Our focus is broad and inclusive, encompassing the unique ways your LGBTQIA+ identity intersects with your cultural background. We explore themes of self-acceptance, stress management, and self-care, all tailored to support you in your college journey. Whether it's navigating relationships, understanding career paths, delving into spirituality, discussing campus climate, or balancing family dynamics, we cover it all.

    But most importantly, Lavender Connection is about building a sense of empowerment and community. Here, you'll connect with peers who share similar experiences and challenges, fostering a supportive network that extends beyond our meetings.

    We warmly welcome all identities within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, including those who are questioning. Join Lavender Connection and be a part of a community where you can be your authentic self, find support, and grow in your understanding and acceptance.

    Embark on this journey of discovery and connection with us. Lavender Connection is not just a support group; it's a community where every LGBTQIA+ undergraduate student can thrive.

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  • Adelante Mujeres (BILINGUAL)
  • Adelante Mujeres Group Banner

    Join "Adelante Mujeres": A Supportive Space for Chicana/Latina Students

    Welcome to "Adelante Mujeres," a unique and empowering group designed with the Chicana/Latina student experience in mind. Here, we offer a secure and nurturing environment where you can delve into your personal experiences, find emotional support, practice self-care, and foster a sense of community on campus.

    "Adelante Mujeres" is more than just a group; it's a space where your voice is heard and valued. We encourage members to express themselves in the language they feel most comfortable with, whether it's English, Spanish, or a mix of both. This approach ensures that every member can share their story and experiences authentically.

    This group is a six-week journey of growth and connection. We ask that members commit to attending all five sessions, not just for their own enrichment, but to create a deep and meaningful experience for all participants. Each session builds on the last, weaving a tapestry of shared stories, strategies for self-care, and avenues for emotional support.

    Before the start of the group, we require participants to schedule a consultation with our facilitator. This initial meeting helps us tailor the group experience to meet your needs and expectations, ensuring that "Adelante Mujeres" is a perfect fit for you.

    Join us in "Adelante Mujeres" and be part of a vibrant community of Chicana/Latina students. Together, we'll explore, grow, and strengthen our connections, celebrating our unique identities and experiences. Let's move forward together, empowering each other every step of the way.

    Still learning Spanish? Please ask about our group for English language speakers.

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  • Guys Group
  • Guys Group Banner

    Join Our Guys Group: A Supportive Space for Male-Identified Students

    Welcome to Guys Group, a unique and welcoming space tailored specifically for male students from various backgrounds. Here, you're invited to join a community where your experiences are heard, understood, and respected.

    Guys Group is an opportunity for personal growth and connection in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. We explore a range of topics central to the male experience. From navigating self-esteem and stress management to discussing relationships, gender role expectations, body image, and masculinity - every conversation is geared towards fostering insight, emotional intelligence, and stronger connections with others.

    We dive deep into life transitions and personal challenges, providing a platform for every group member to express themselves authentically. Your story matters, and we encourage you to share it in the way that feels most comfortable to you.

    Our focus extends beyond individual growth, embracing community values, diversity, feminist allyship, and mutual respect. Guys Group is a space where you can freely explore and discuss the complexities of being a man in today's world.

    Join us and be a part of a supportive community that empowers you to grow, learn, and connect. It's not just about sharing experiences; it's about building a community where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self. Let's navigate this journey together, fostering understanding and respect in a space that celebrates diversity and unity.

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  • Living with Chronic Medical Conditions and Disabilities Group
  • Living with Chronic Medical Conditions and Disabilities Group Banner

    Thrive Together: A Support Group for Students with Chronic Medical Conditions and Disabilities

    Are you a student managing a chronic medical condition or navigating life with a disability? You're not alone. Join our weekly "Living with Chronic Medical Conditions and Disabilities Group," a safe and confidential space dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students like you.

    In this group, you'll find a supportive community where you can share experiences, celebrate your accomplishments, and learn new coping strategies. It's a place to foster self-acceptance, empowerment, and enhance your quality of life, all while connecting with peers who understand your journey.

    Our discussions cover a range of themes, from self-care and empowerment to the impact of chronic conditions on academics, relationships, and interactions with medical providers. This is your space to explore concerns and discuss issues that matter to you, in a group that gets it.

    We meet over Zoom every Thursday from 1:10-2:30 pm, making it convenient for you to join from wherever you are. Interested in being part of this empowering group? Please reach out to Counseling Services at (530) 752-0871 for an initial consultation or group screening appointment.

    Remember, managing a chronic condition or disability is a journey, and it's one you don't have to travel alone. Let's navigate this path together, sharing experiences and strategies for thriving in college and beyond. Join us and be part of a community that understands, supports, and celebrates you.

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • NeuroTribe
  • NeuroTribe Group Banner

    Perhaps you’ve experienced the challenges of trying to navigate a neurotypical world.  The anxiety of being accepted… of comprehending social norms and not standing out…of saying something and noticing that it was not received how you intended it. If you self-identify as someone who is dealing with the nuances of ADHD, Autism, or other neurodivergent conditions, our Neurotribe is here to support you. It is a space to process the traumas and challenges inherent in living in a world that functions differently than our brains. We strive to be a community where your uniqueness is celebrated.

    Our facilitators have intersecting identities and experience working with the neurodivergent community. Group sessions are offered in person.

    Join our Neurodiversity Support Group and find a space where you can be yourself without fear of judgment. It's a place to grow, learn, and connect with others who share similar experiences. Let's embrace this journey together!

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Beyond the Margins: BIPOC Support Space
  • Beyond the Margins: BIPOC Support Space Group Banner

    Connect and Thrive in "Beyond the Margins": A Support Space for BIPOC Students

    Welcome to "Beyond the Margins," a dynamic support space designed for self-identified Black, Indigenous, and People of Color at UC Davis. Here, you'll find a community where your experiences are not just understood, but deeply valued.

    In this group, we come together to build a strong network of solidarity, share our stories of resilience, and navigate the unique challenges of life on campus. It's a space where you can freely discuss everything from microaggressions and "isms" to academics, career aspirations, family dynamics, relationships, and the pursuit of holistic well-being.

    "Beyond the Margins" is more than just a support group; it's a community of students who share your experiences and understand your struggles. We explore the complexities of our intersecting identities and work together to find strength and empowerment in our shared journey.

    And yes, there will be refreshments! It's not just about deep conversations; it's also about enjoying a comfortable and welcoming environment where you can relax and be yourself.

    So come join us in "Beyond the Margins." Be a part of a support space where you can connect, grow, and thrive alongside your BIPOC peers. Let's navigate the nuances of life at UC Davis together, fostering a community rooted in resilience and mutual support.

    For more information or to sign up, e-mail to Chitize Igwe

  • South Asian Support Group (virtual) - Reservation Required
  • South Asian Support Group

    Join Our South Asian Support Group: A Virtual Oasis of Community and Understanding

    Are you a UC Davis undergraduate student exploring the layers of your South Asian identity? Look no further! Our South Asian Support Group is your virtual sanctuary where you can connect, share, and grow with others who walk a similar path.

    Designed to be a culturally sensitive and safe space, this group is all about embracing your unique experiences as a South Asian student. Whether it's discussing life's ups and downs, sharing cultural experiences, or navigating the intricate intersections of your South Asian identity with daily life, this group offers a supportive environment to do just that.

    This is more than just a support group; it's a community. It's a place where you can build lasting connections, find understanding peers, and engage in meaningful conversations that resonate with your experiences. Our group sessions are carefully structured to ensure a comfortable and respectful atmosphere for all participants.

    So, if you're ready to explore your identity, share your story, and be part of a close-knit community, reserve your spot in our South Asian Support Group. Remember, your journey is unique, and here, your voice and story matter. Let's navigate this journey together, fostering connections and understanding in our vibrant virtual space!

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Coping Skills Groups

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  • From Surviving to Thriving: For Students with Depression
  • From Surviving to Thriving: For Students with Depression Group Banner

    This cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) depression group isn't your typical therapy group – it's a dynamic, culturally sensitive, and supportive space tailored for students just like you. We're all about mixing evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy with a vibe that'll enable you to share your unique experience of depression and support others who've also been struggling. In this program, you'll dive into the world of CBT for depression, but don't worry, we keep it real and relatable. We're here to help you understand those tricky depressive patterns and equip you with the skills you need to replace them with healthier coping strategies and symptom management. But that's not all! We'll also celebrate what makes YOU awesome. We'll highlight your strengths and resilience, giving you the power to take control of your mental well-being. The college years can be a rollercoaster, and we're here to help you ride it with confidence. Join us and make your mental health a priority!

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Building Social Confidence
  • Building Social Confidence Group Banner

    Elevate Your Social Game with 'Building Social Confidence'

    Are you looking to boost your confidence in social settings? 'Building Social Confidence' is the group you've been searching for! Tailored for students aiming to enhance their interpersonal skills, this group is your ticket to thriving in social situations and forging successful relationships.

    In this group, you'll dive into the art of building essential social skills. It's not just about learning; it's about transforming your interactions. You'll develop effective communication techniques, learn how to assert yourself confidently, and create a supportive 'community' of social connections.

    But that's not all. 'Building Social Confidence' is about catering to your personal social goals. Whether it's making new friends, navigating the dating scene, boosting your academic assertiveness, or mastering the art of public speaking, this group is your safe space to work on these areas with guidance and support.

    Join us and be part of a community that's all about growth and empowerment in social settings. Whether you're taking your first steps towards social confidence or looking to level up your existing skills, we're here to help you every step of the way. Remember, social confidence is a skill you can learn and master, and we're excited to embark on this journey with you!

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Hey it’s me, Anxiety
  • Hey, it's Me, Anxiety Group Banner

    This skills group is open to students that struggle with general anxiety. Sometimes the demands of school, work, and relationships can feel overwhelming and this is a good time for anxiety to creep in and take over. Do you ever feel like sometimes your thoughts are racing, your body starts trembling, or you start sweating out of the blue? Anxiety is actually a healthy part of our life, but sometimes when experienced in excess can make us feel like we’re “going crazy.” This group is designed to learn how to have a better relationship with anxiety by learning how to understand and examine how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected.  

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871


Theme-Based Groups

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  • Inside Out: Women’s Body Wisdom and Self-Empowerment Through Expressive Arts
  •  Inside Out- Women’s Body Wisdom and Self-Empowerment Through Expressive Arts Banner

    Expand Your Inner Strength with Inside Out: Women's Body Wisdom and Self-Empowerment Through Expressive Arts

    Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Inside Out offers a transformative space for self-identified women at our university. This group is more than just a gathering; it's a dynamic exploration through expressive arts, designed to foster healing, mutual understanding, and personal growth.

    In this supportive and nurturing environment, you'll explore the depths of your relationship with yourself, your body, and others. Through creative and expressive arts-based activities, you will delve into a variety of enriching topics. These include building trust and safety, embracing body integrity and self-expression, finding and using your unique voice, improving your self-esteem and relationships with others, developing self-care routines, and strengthening social support systems.

    Inside Out is not just an individual process; it's about the power of community. You'll join hands with other self-identified women, supporting and learning from each other as you navigate these essential life themes. The group's dynamics are fluid, allowing for the possibility of continuing the journey in future terms, deepening the bonds of interpersonal connection and ongoing self-discovery.

    This group is an opportunity to discover and celebrate your inner wisdom and strength. Whether you're seeking to understand yourself better, improve your relationships, or simply find a supportive community, Inside Out is the perfect place to start. Join us and transform your understanding of yourself and your world from the inside out. Remember, your journey to empowerment and self-awareness begins with a single step – and we're here to take that step with you.

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  • Engineering Small Group Process
  • Engineering Small Group Process Banner

    Elevate Your Engineering Experience: Join Our Small Group Process

    Are you an Engineering student looking to deepen your connections and enhance your interpersonal skills? Dive into our Engineering Small Group Process, a dynamic and engaging environment of support.

    This intimate group of 4-6 members offers a unique opportunity to explore and strengthen your social interactions alongside fellow Engineering students. Each member brings their own experiences, creating a rich and diverse backdrop for learning, growth, and mutual support.

    Think of our group as a "social lab" or a "sandbox" where you can safely and confidently:

    • Express your feelings and thoughts as they occur in real-time.
    • Engage in meaningful exchanges, offering and receiving feedback.
    • Discover and appreciate both similarities & differences within your peer group.
    • Collaborate to share group time and attention, enhancing your teamwork skills.

    We meet weekly throughout the quarter, fostering a space that's reliably safe, confidential, and trust-building. This is your chance to develop not just as a student, but as a well-rounded individual with valuable interpersonal skills.

    Interested in joining? Reach out to Chris Le, LPCC at Our group welcomes new members at the start of each quarter, offering fresh opportunities to connect and grow. Don't miss out on this chance to be part of a close-knit, supportive community within the Engineering field. Let's embark on this journey of personal and professional development together!

    Please reach out to Chris Le, LPCC at with interest. The group is open to new members at the beginning of each quarter as spots become open.

  • Family Differences
  • Family Differences Group Banner

    Connect and Grow with the Family Differences Group

    Feeling like there's a world of difference between you and your family? You're not alone. Join our Family Differences Group, a unique space for students navigating the complexities of diverse cultural and generational family dynamics.

    This group is more than just a meeting point; it's a supportive community where you can:

    • Find understanding and support for the distinctive challenges of growing up in a family with different cultural or generational values.
    • Offer and receive support from peers who are also navigating unique family concerns.
    • Connect with others who understand the intricacies of complex family upbringings.
    • Share experiences and insights about the varied dynamics of cultural and generational relationships.
    • Discover effective strategies to foster healthier relationships with your family members.
    • Learn and practice improved communication techniques to bridge gaps with family.
    • Explore self-care approaches to maintain your wellbeing amidst challenging family interactions.

    This group is a safe haven for all, regardless of immigration status. We believe in creating a respectful and inclusive environment where every voice is valued and every experience is acknowledged.

    Remember, spaces are limited to ensure a close-knit, intimate setting for meaningful discussions and personal growth. Secure your spot in the Family Differences Group and embark on a journey of understanding, connection, and self-discovery. Let's navigate these challenges together, finding strength and resilience in our shared experiences.

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Forest Bathing Group
  • Forest Bathing Group Banner

    Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing, these walks are an opportunity to slow down, relax, and experience the natural world through your senses.

    Spending time in nature can boost your immune system and energy, and reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and symptoms of ADHD and trauma. It can enhance your capacity to direct and restore attention. 

    When immersed in nature people commonly experience fascination and awe, which can generate positive psychological effects, such as boosting your mood, improving creativity, and enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

    Several studies have also shown that when you connect with nature, you are reminded that you are part of something greater than yourself, and this can contribute to feeling less selfish, more grateful, and more helpful and caring towards yourself and others. 

    By participating in these guided walks you can learn how to relate with nature in ways that support your well-being, personal development, and potential for healing.

    This is a drop-in group with no registration required.

  • HEAL
  • HEAL Group Banner

    Discover a Healthier You with HEAL: A 7-Week Journey to Overcoming Problematic Eating Patterns

    Are you experiencing eating challenges and looking for effective ways to manage them? HEAL is here for you. Our 7-week skills-based group is specially designed for students who want to transform their relationship with food and develop healthier eating patterns.

    At HEAL, we delve into a range of powerful skills including mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. These aren't just concepts; we bring them to life through practical, engaging activities. Each week, you'll learn new strategies and practice them in real-time, equipping you with the tools you need to navigate and overcome your eating challenges.

    This group isn't just about learning; it's about doing. You'll actively engage in exercises that help you apply these skills in your daily life, turning learning into lasting change. Whether you're exploring concerns with emotional eating, disordered eating patterns, or just seeking a healthier relationship with food, HEAL offers a supportive, understanding environment to help you on your journey.

    Join HEAL and embark on a transformative journey where you'll gain not just strategies, but also a supportive community of fellow students facing similar challenges. Together, let's move towards a healthier, more balanced you. Remember, change is possible, and HEAL is here to guide you every step of the way.

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Nourish:  The Body & The Self
  • Nourish: The Body & The Self Group Banner

    Elevate your journey to wellness at Nourish, our uniquely supportive group therapy experience for those navigating the path of eating disorder recovery. At Nourish, you're more than just a participant; you're a vital member of a community committed to fostering a healthier relationship with food and self-perception.

    This group is a place for students at all stages of recovery, offering a safe and empowering space to share insights, challenges, and triumphs. Whether you're actively in recovery or have moved beyond it, Nourish is about growing together, learning from each other, and celebrating the steps we take toward well-being.

    Here, you'll be encouraged to identify and tackle a specific recovery goal, enriching your journey and offering valuable perspectives to your peers. With Nourish, you're not just working on recovery; you're building resilience, self-understanding, and lasting connections with others who truly understand.

    Join us at Nourish – where your voice matters, your story inspires, and your recovery journey is honored. Let's embrace this path together, fostering strength, courage, and a healthier tomorrow.

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Phoenix Rising:  A Support Group for Student Survivors of Sexual Trauma

    Phoenix Rising Group Banner

    Discover Your Path to Healing and Empowerment with Our Survivor Support Group

    Embarking on a journey of recovery from sexual abuse, assault, or trauma can be challenging, but you don't have to walk it alone. Our university offers a special process-oriented support group, tailored for students like you who have faced these hardships either in childhood or as adults. This group is more than just a space; it's a community of understanding, healing, and empowerment.

    Here, you'll find a secure and nurturing environment to openly discuss a spectrum of issues that matter to you - relationships, intimacy, sexuality, personal safety, mind-body connection, achieving balance, regaining a sense of control, effective communication, and building trust. It's a place where your experiences are acknowledged, and your journey towards healing is supported.

    In addition to offering a compassionate ear and a supportive shoulder, our group focuses on equipping you with practical self-regulation and mind-body awareness skills. These tools are designed to help you navigate your day-to-day life more comfortably and confidently.

    Join us and be part of a safe haven where you can heal, grow, and reclaim your strength. This is more than just a group; it's a stepping stone towards a more empowered and balanced you. Remember, in this journey of recovery and rebuilding, you are never alone.

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Thank You, Next - Rebuilding After Breakup
  • Thank You, Next- Rebuilding After Breakup Group Banner

    Navigating the aftermath of a breakup? You're not alone. "Thank You, Next - Rebuilding After Breakup" is here to guide you through this challenging time. This process-oriented therapy group is a safe haven for exploring the emotions and meanings that emerge after a relationship ends.

    In this group, you'll join others who are on a similar journey of healing and self-discovery. Together, in a supportive and understanding environment, you'll delve into both the pain of loss and the insights gained from your experiences.

    Our facilitators bring a wealth of understanding and respect for diverse identities and experiences to the group.

    Interested in being a part of this group? Reach out to Counseling Services at (530) 752-0871 for a group screening appointment.

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Undergraduate Career Exploration Group (UCEG)
  • Undergraduate Career Exploration Group (UCEG) Banner

    Unlock Your Career Potential with the Undergraduate Career Exploration Group (UCEG)

    Are you an undergraduate student at a crossroads, pondering your future career path? The Undergraduate Career Exploration Group (UCEG) is your gateway to clarity and confidence in your career choices. This isn't just a group; it's a journey towards discovering what truly resonates with your ambitions and talents.

    UCEG is all about interactive, supportive learning. Here, you'll join fellow undergraduates on a quest to uncover how your unique values, interests, and skills align with various occupations and broader career opportunities. It's a space where your career aspirations take center stage, and you're guided to explore them in depth.

    Dive into discussions that focus on leveraging your personal strengths and navigating the common uncertainties of career planning. This group is a safe haven for addressing internal conflicts and external challenges, providing you with the insights and tools to make informed career decisions.

    For a total cost of only $50, you'll gain access to valuable assessments that are integral to your career exploration journey. Expect to engage in enriching activities outside the six-session group times, dedicating about 1-2 hours per week. This investment of time and resources is a stepping stone to a future where your career choices are not just options, but reflections of your passion and potential.

    Join the UCEG and embark on a transformative journey towards career clarity and confidence. Remember, exploring your career path is a pivotal part of your university experience, and we're here to make it as insightful and fulfilling as possible. Let's unlock your career potential together!

    Students may apply to the Health Equity Fund to help cover the cost associated with this group. Read more about the Health Equity Fund and apply on this page.

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Write to Thrive:  Expressive Arts Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Trauma (Reservation Required)
  • Write to Thrive: Expressive Arts-Based Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Trauma Group Banner

    Embark on Your Healing Journey with Write to Thrive: An Expressive Arts-Based Support Group

    Welcome to Write to Thrive, a unique and nurturing support group for survivors of sexual trauma. Here, we harness the power of writing and other artistic expressions to create a safe and healing environment for you to explore your journey towards recovery.

    This group is your safe space to:

    • Build a sense of safety within yourself and your environment.
    • Cultivate a supportive network, connecting with others who understand your journey.
    • Learn and practice self-care and self-soothing techniques.
    • Transition from merely surviving to truly thriving.
    • Process and release difficult experiences through creative expression.
    • Transform and share your story in a way that empowers you.
    • Gain insight into common feelings and reactions shared by survivors.

    We meet five times throughout the quarter, with each session focusing on life-enhancing themes designed to foster healing and personal growth. In Write to Thrive, you have the freedom to share as much or as little as you're comfortable with, whether in one-on-one pairs or in our group check-ins.

    This group is open to all genders, embracing a diverse community of survivors. It's a place where your experiences are validated, your voice is heard, and your journey towards healing is respected and supported.

    Join Write to Thrive and take a step towards transforming your experience into a journey of empowerment and resilience. In this group, you're not just surviving; you're recovering your ability to live and thrive.

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Aggies 4 Recovery (Drop-In Support Group)
  • Aggies 4 Recovery Group Banner

    Aggies for Recovery is a student run organization that helps students seeking recovery from any disruptive behavior including substance abuse, eating disorders, porn addiction or anything else you might be struggling with. We put a big emphasis on harm reduction which means we meet you where you’re at in your recovery so you don’t have to be completely abstinent to join us, you can figure it out as you go along and find what works for you. We have 3 meetings a week. All of our meetings remain completely confidential so it’s a safe space for everyone. Our goal is to foster a meaningful connection where everyone feels supported. I can provide you more info about anything if you have any questions.

    Interested in joining us or want to learn more? Reach out to Stephanie Lake @ 530-752-6334 or for all the details. At Aggies 4 Recovery we’re excited to welcome you to a community where harm reduction recovery is celebrated and every student has opportunity to thrive in a vibrant supportive environment 

    Day / Time:  Mondays 10am - 11am
    Location: Underground Scholars Program Center, South Hall Room 26
    Day / Time: Thursdays 7pm - 8pm 
    Location: Davis Sober Living 1508 Rio Grand Road , Davis  just knock on the door

    Day / Time: Sundays 7pm - 8pm
    Location: Cowell Building  main lobby of North Wing- see main entrance and come to the right.


Graduate and Professional Student Groups

Schedule your screening appointment  by calling (530) 752-0871 or via Health-e-Messaging

  • Lavender Connection: LGBTQIA+ Graduate and Professional Students Support Group
  • Lavender Connection: LGBTQIA+ Graduate and Professional Students Support Group

    Connect and Thrive with Lavender Connection: A Support Group for LGBTQIA+ Graduate and Professional Students

    Are you an LGBTQIA+ graduate or professional student seeking a community where you can be unapologetically you? Welcome to Lavender Connection, a support group designed just for you. This is your safe and confidential haven to discuss and embrace every aspect of your LGBTQIA+ identity.

    Lavender Connection offers a nurturing and affirmative space where you can share experiences, gain deeper understanding, and foster a strong sense of empowerment. Here, you're not just part of a group; you're part of a community that celebrates diversity and individuality.

    Our discussions cover a wide range of topics tailored to your unique experiences. Delve into how your LGBTQIA+ identity intersects with your cultural background, ethnic identity, and other facets of your life. Discuss career aspirations, relationship dynamics, spirituality, campus climate, the graduate school experience, and family matters - all within an understanding and supportive environment.

    We welcome all identities within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, including those who are still exploring or questioning their identities. Join us at Lavender Connection and find a space where your voice is heard, your experiences are validated, and your identity is celebrated.

    Embrace this opportunity to connect, grow, and empower yourself alongside peers who understand and share your journey. Remember, at Lavender Connection, you're not just finding a support group; you're discovering a community where you can thrive. Let's journey together in a space that's as vibrant and diverse as you are!

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Taking ACTion: Coping Skills Workshops for Medical Students
  • Taking ACTion: Coping Skills Workshops for Medical Students Group Banner

    Elevate Your Well-Being with "Taking ACTion": A Workshop Series for Medical Students

    Welcome to "Taking ACTion," an innovative workshop series designed specifically for medical students. Here, we tackle the stress and emotional challenges that come with the demands of medical school, empowering you to take control and thrive.

    In "Taking ACTion," you'll discover new ways to interact with your internal thoughts and emotions, drawing from the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). These strategies are not just about coping; they're about actively moving towards the life you envision, one step at a time.

    Our sessions are more than workshops; they're interactive learning experiences. With a convenient drop-in format, these sessions are open to all medical school students, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for your busy schedules. Held via SHCS's secure Zoom platform, each cycle includes 7 sessions. Each session dives into a specific ACT process, plus an additional week focused on the vital practice of self-compassion.

    Join us in "Taking ACTion" and embark on a journey of personal growth and resilience. Whether you're looking to manage stress more effectively, align your actions with your values, or simply enhance your overall well-being, these workshops are here to support your journey.

    Transform the way you navigate medical school with effective coping skills and strategies. Let's take this step together, creating a healthier, more balanced, and fulfilling medical school experience.

    Contact Dr. Vanessa Wu to sign up or to receive more information about the workshop:

  • Healing Through Connections - Graduate Student Group
  • Healing Through Connections – Graduate Student Group Banner

    Healing through Connections: A Graduate Student Therapy Group Experience

    Welcome to "Healing Through Connections," a unique therapy group crafted specifically for graduate students.

    This group provides a safe and confidential space where you are supported to express yourself openly. It's all about getting in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings, exploring how you relate to others, and understanding the ways you connect or sometimes disconnect. It's a journey towards deeper self-understanding and meaningful connections.

    Join us and discover a space where your voice is heard and your experiences are valued. Whether you're looking to deepen your self-awareness, seeking support, or hoping to build connections with peers who understand the graduate student life, this group is for you.

    Let's embark on this journey together, fostering a space of healing, understanding, and mutual support.

    Schedule your screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging or by calling (530) 752-0871

  • Heart of Medicine: A Medical Student Support Group (Reservation Required)
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    Join the Heart of Medicine: A Supportive Community for Medical Students

    Embark on a journey of growth and connection with "Heart of Medicine," a support group tailored specifically for medical students like you. Here, you'll find a shared space to delve into the unique challenges and experiences of medical school life.

    This group is all about personal development, offering a supportive environment where you can both seek encouragement and uplift your peers. Whether you're in your first year or nearing the end of your medical education, every student across all years is welcome and encouraged to be a part of this community.

    To ensure accessibility for everyone, "Heart of Medicine" is hosted via an encrypted version of Zoom, allowing students from all years to join easily. The group meets every other week from September 6th through December 13th, creating a consistent space for ongoing support and growth. While attendance at all sessions is strongly encouraged, we understand the demands of medical school and aim to accommodate your schedule.

    Space in this group is exclusive, limited to the first 15 students, ensuring a close-knit and personal experience. If you're interested in joining or want more information, please contact Dr. Stephen Simonson at

    Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a supportive network that understands the heart of your medical journey. Join "Heart of Medicine" and connect with a community that's here to support you through every step of your medical education.

    For more information or to register for this group contact Dr. Stephen Simonson at

    Group is limited to first 15 students and after the second meeting of this 6-week series the group will be closed.

If you are interested in one of the above groups, please schedule a screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging.