Group Services

Group counseling is an excellent resource to assist students on a wide variety of issues. Groups are typically 6-8 students with 1-2 therapists helping to lead the group in discussions or skills building. Group counseling offers the opportunity to work on social skills and interpersonal goals while hearing and sharing feedback and experiences with peers. Group can help foster a sense of belonging along with the opportunity to explore issues at a deeper level. Some groups are organized around a central theme or issue that members have all experienced, and others are more general.  Please read the group descriptions for more details.

Groups meet once per week at the same time.  Students are asked to make a commitment to attend the group weekly for the duration of the quarter.  Attending group each week provides a stronger experience and provides the optimal benefits associated with group therapy.  

If you are interested in one of the above groups, please schedule a screening appointment via Health-e-Messaging.