Communicate With Your Provider

Welcome to Health-e-Messaging (HeM)

Getting in touch with Student Health and Counseling Services staff is easy! Health-e-Messaging is a service that offers a variety of online options to streamline and enhance your experience with your medical and mental health providers and other SHCS staff. This is a secure and confidential way to communicate about your non-urgent healthcare and mental health needs.

You can use Health-e-Messaging to:

The Health-e-Messaging service allows you to communicate with our office when it’s most convenient for you. You’ll be able to communicate with us from anywhere simply by logging into our site and using your UC Davis login and Kerberos passphrase. You’ll save time by avoiding non-urgent office visits and be able to manage your care more efficiently.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Anyone who has your HeM login information and password will be able to see more detailed information, such as appointment dates, lab results and message history with your providers. They can also access your medical provider’s notes for particular visits. Visit our Navigating Privacy and Confidentiality in Healthcare page for more information about keeping your health information protected.

Updating Name and Pronouns

You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. See our tutorial to learn how to update your name and pronouns on your Health-e-Messaging profile.