Paul Kim, Psy.D

Paul Kim

Position Title
Director of Counseling Services

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Psy.D. - Wright Institute, Berkeley, CA

How I Work With Students

I take a collaborative and relational approach in which I strive to provide a safe space so that students feel free to focus on goals that are important to them. I value developing relationships in which diversity and a person's identities and the intersection of their identities are valued and validated. I believe that we all have strengths and find it helpful to find ways to utilize our strengths in times of difficulty. The overall goal of empowerment is at the core of my approach.

Professional Interests

Social Justice, Diversity Issues, Intersections of Identity and Identity Development, LGBTQ Issues, Gender Issues, Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander Student Concerns, 1st Generation College Student Issues, Bereavement, Relationship and Family Issues, Cross-cultural Counseling, Relational Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Stress Reduction.

Contact Information

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