Chizi Igwe, Psy.D.

Chizi Igwe

Position Title
Postdoctoral Resident

  • Counseling Services

Professional Interests

Multiculturalism, social justice, depression, family dynamics, life transitions, identity development and exploration, spirituality, outreach

About Me

The child of two Nigerian immigrants, I grew up in the Sacramento area alongside my three siblings. After moving around California for college, I managed to fall into the field of clinical psychology, graduating from the Wright Institute in 2023. My work in this field has primarily involved supporting people within different systems (schools, hospitals, etc.) as they navigate various stressors. My free time often consists of watching or talking about basketball and animated movies/TV shows. I also enjoy listening to music, with some of my favorite artists being Isaiah Rashad and Ravyn Lenae.  

How I Work With Students

I believe that my clients are the experts of themselves, and that my role as the therapist is to collaborate with each individual to create a unique therapeutic experience that facilitates intentional growth and healing. My approach to therapy centers the client and their goals, while also considering the impact of their cultural background, family dynamics, life experiences, and experiences within the context of societal systems. Throughout the course of therapy, I might utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches based on the client’s interests and what would be appropriate at the time. This could include talk therapy, art therapy, play therapy, mindfulness exercises, or psychoeducational worksheets and materials. Whatever each person feels would be the most helpful for them. 

Emphasis Area

Community Outreach

Contact Information

Students are advised to use Health-e-Messaging for all communications.