Entrance Requirements

How to Fulfill the Immunization and TB Screening Requirements


All requirements must be completed before the first day of classes.

Compliance with Immunization and tuberculosis screening can be viewed on the Medical Clearences section of Health-e-Messaging (HEM). Once a requirement is satisfied, your clearance status will change to "Compliant." There will be a hold on your registration until you are compliant for all required items and you may be prevented from registering for classes. If you are required to complete a Tuberculosis Health Assessment Form, please allow 14- 21 business days for review.

How to Upload Immunization Records

After collecting all required information, upload the documents using the Medical Clearences section of Health-e-Messaging. Select “update” for each requirement to enter your immunization dates or upload supporting documents.

If you prefer, you can also have your doctor complete and immunization form. Once that form is completed and signed, it can be uploaded through Health-e-Messaging.

How to Obtain Immunization Records

Immunization records can be obtained from your doctor’s office. You may also be able to access your records through an electronic medical record system or by contacting your high school (immunizations may be on your high school transcript).

Tuberculosis Screening

The tuberculosis screening can be completed on the Medical Clearances section of Health-e-Messaging. The TB screening is made of questions that help determine your risk factors for TB. If you have low risk factors, you are compliant. If your answers indicate that you are at higher risk, you will need to visit a health care provider and complete the TB Health Assessment Form.

Why the University of California Requires Immunizations

There has been an increase in outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses over the past five to ten years, and now many illnesses which we thought were disappearing are returning. Although many of these diseases are considered “mild," they can cause serious illness and death. Pertussis was responsible for hospital stays for hundreds of people in California during the past two years, including intensive care admissions and in a few cases, death. Recent outbreaks of measles also resulted in hospitalizations, and new cases of mumps across the country threaten the health and fertility of non-immune students.

The University of California is following the recommendations of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Immunization Branch for Colleges and Universities. The current requirements reflect those in place on February 24, 2016. However, UC reserves the right to modify these requirements pending revisions to the recommendations by CDPH. Changes in CDPH's recommendations will be incorporated into the requirements affecting the incoming fall class each year. In general, these requirements pertain to those vaccine-preventable illnesses that can be spread by respiratory secretions (saliva, coughing, sneezing), and pose a risk to others who might become ill due to classroom or residential contact. These include: measles, mumps, rubella (German measles), pertussis (whooping cough), varicella (Chickenpox), and meningitis, as well as screening for tuberculosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the UC Davis Immunization worksheet required?
  • No, the UC Davis form is not required. You are required to enter each date of vaccination for the required vaccines. Once entered, you can submit your immunization documents, your yellow immunization card, or a copy of your immunizations from the doctor’s office.
  • If I’ve had chickenpox as a child, why do I need the varicella immunization?
  • Unfortunately, having had chickenpox as a child is not proof of immunity. If you believe you are immune and do not wish to be immunized for varicella, then you need a varicella titer; this is a blood test that will indicate whether you are immune. If you prefer not to do the blood test, you will need the varicella vaccination.
  • Why do I need the meningococcal vaccination if I’ve already gotten it?
  • The meningococcal vaccination must be given on or after age 16. If you received the meningococcal vaccine prior to Age 16, you will need to get vaccinated again.
  • What if a required vaccination is not available in my country?
  • These immunizations are readily available in the United States, California and Davis. Please get required immunizations as soon as you arrive in country. Delays in completing required immunizations or TB screening may result in holds for future course registrations.