Lyra - Mental Health Care for UC SHIP Students

Lyra Services are ending for all University of California students with UC SHIP on 7/31/2024.



Lyra has partnered with UC SHIP to offer all members access to their mental health services such as individual therapy, mental health coaching, medication management and self-guided wellness modules. Lyra services are available to UC SHIP members (students, spouses and dependents) enrolled in a UC SHIP medical plan. To get started, visit and make an account. As a reminder, this service is offered in addition to on campus counseling. Students can see an on campus counselor before seeking services through Lyra OR students can seek services directly through Lyra before seeing an on campus counselor.

Make a Lyra Account

Lyra Services

There is a variety of services that Lyra provides to UC SHIP members. Below is a shortened list of services they offer. To view a more comprehensive list, visit Lyra’s Care Options webpage

  • In-person or video therapy
  • Mental health coaching
  • Medication management
  • Essentials (self-guided wellness modules) 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use Lyra?
  • UC SHIP members (students, their spouses, and dependents)
  • Is there a cost for Lyra services?
  • Lyra services are NO COST. However, you do need a credit or debit card to sign-up for some services through Lyra such as therapy and coaching (pre-paid debit cards are accepted). Your credit card or debit card will NOT be charged unless you have missed visit fees or late cancellations. 
  • Is there an appointment limit for therapy or coaching sessions?
  • When you meet with a therapist to create a treatment plan, you will work together to determine the number of sessions. There is not a standard appointment limit. 
  • How soon can I get a therapy or coaching appointment with Lyra?
  • 2-5 days, most clients can see a therapist or coach within a week
  • Can SHCS providers see my visits with Lyra?
  • No. If you would like SHCS to receive any information from Lyra you will need to sign a Release of Information (ROI) and have it sent to Student Health and Counseling Services.
  • How do I get started?
  • Visit and make an account. To find a provider(therapist or coach), click “Get Started” and you will be prompted to put in your payment information and complete a questionnaire. Your credit or debit card will not be charged unless you have missed visit fees or late cancellations. After you complete the questionnaire you will be matched with a service (therapy, mental health coaching etc) that best fits your needs. You will then be able to search therapists or coaches and book an appointment. Make sure to read the instructions and complete all necessary intake and assessment forms before your appointment.
  • Is Lyra available 24/7?
  • Lyra has a range of services. Not all services are offered 24/7. The self-guided wellness modules (Lyra Essentials) and the crisis number Lyra provides are always available to access.
  • Do I contact SHCS or Lyra if I have questions?
  • Lyra has a service called “Care Navigator Team” that can help if you have any questions about their services or need to talk to someone immediately. If you are interested in Lyra and have been seeing a SHCS counselor, don’t be afraid to bring it up with your counselor and discuss your mental health care moving forward.