Job Search Skills

Overview of Job Search Skills

Reflecting on what occupations you have been exposed to and how these experiences influenced your understanding of those jobs is one of the first steps in job searching. Gathering information about occupations you are interested in as well as those you may not know as much about is an important task. Identify what matters to you most, which may include the skills involved, the purpose of the job, the job outlook, expected salary, education required and steps to obtain the occupation. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the information, so you might try to limit your research to a few occupations at a time.

What Can Be Done

With an open and curious attitude, ask questions with those you meet or interact with, such as, “How did you get into the job you have? What do you like or dislike about it?” and “What recommendations would you have for someone interested in this occupation?”

Utilize On Campus Resources

Books are available at the Internship and Career Center (ICC) Library or at Shields Library or ask about recommendations from professors.

Go to the Internship and Career Center events such as Job Panels, Career Fairs and workshops. Visit the ICC website for updated calendar of events. Join listservs for updated information about opportunities to expand your skills and career experiences.

Other Occupational Websites

Explore the government researched and up-to-date occupational information.

How We Can Help

Career Counseling for Registered UC Davis Students

With career counseling at Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS), we can help you with identifying how your priorities fit with the occupational information you gathered. We can help you learn ways of making tentative decisions and discern how to evaluate the options you are considering. We can help you identify your strengths and how they may be helpful in addressing the challenges and barriers involved. We can help you clarify how your family and cultural upbringing may relate to your self concept and career goals.

SHCS provides Career Counseling Services to UC Davis registered students only. Career counseling is offered in either individual or group formats. Individual sessions are fewer in number, but can help a student identify what their needs are and likely next steps. The Career Exploration Group incorporates all of the career assessments and engages students in dynamic, exploratory activities. Learn more about Career Counseling Services offered by SHCS or schedule an appointment.


Internship and Career Center (ICC)

The Internship and Career Center has multiple ways to help you test out your career interests and advance your career experiences such as thru volunteer opportunities, internships and employment. They provide ongoing advising to hone your job search skills such as developing your job application materials, interviewing, and use of social media. Learn more about the ICC at the Internship and Career Center Website.

Online Occupational Information Videos

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