Career Counseling

Overview of Career Counseling

Upon entering college and discovering the hundreds of academic tracts and career choices that are available, even students who were once sure of their career goals may become unsure or even overwhelmed by the choices. The common myth that serious and competent young adults should know where they are headed by the time they are in college can put a negative spin on this potentially exciting exploratory process.

What Can be Done

Initial Steps to Identifying What Matters

If you want to choose your major, an initial step is to become familiar with what majors exist at UC Davis then prioritize which ones you want to learn more about. One comprehensive and easy way to identify your major is to take the free UC Davis Majors Card Sort, which includes strategies of how to learn more about majors of interest.

If you want to clarify your career interests, an initial step is to reflect on what you already know are priorities for you in a future career. If you are unsure of the types of skills you want to utilize or what to base your career decisions on, then you may benefit from self explanatory card sorts for prioritizing your skills and values.

Next Steps to Identifying Career Interests and Personality Preferences

If you want to further identify factors to evaluate your career options, you may benefit from taking the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and/or the Strong Interest Inventory (SII). These online assessments provide an analysis of your answers to questions and pattern of responses to a database of professionals who report satisfaction with their careers. The MBTI can help clarify likely preferred work environments and tasks and provide other information about likely strengths and challenges based on your personality type. The SII can help clarify how your interests relate to career fields and occupations. Both provide an individualized report based on your answers and list occupations to consider.

Learn more information about Career Assessments.

Next Steps to Resolve Career Dilemmas

Many students have various types of career dilemmas involving internal or external conflicts which may include conflicting desires, low confidence in abilities, struggles with decision-making, and differing career wants than others who are significant in your life. This is when exploring these mixed aspects in counseling and receiving relevant vocational psycho-education may be particularly helpful.

Learn more information about Obtaining Occupational Information and Job Search Skills.

How We Can Help

Career Counseling for Registered UC Davis Students

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) provides Career Counseling Services to UC Davis registered students only. Career counseling is offered in either individual or group formats. Individual sessions are fewer in number, but can help a student identify what their needs are and likely next steps. The Career Exploration Group incorporates all of the career assessments and engages students in dynamic, exploratory activities.Learn more about Career Counseling Services offered by SHCS or schedule an appointment.

Career Counseling for Alumni

UC Davis students who have graduated can access career-related services from the Internship and Career Center. Learn more about Career Services offered by the Internship and Career Center.

UC Davis Alumni who are also members of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association can receive discounted career counseling and other resources. Learn more about other career resources offered by the Cal Aggie Alumni Association.

Career Counseling for Staff

UC Davis Staff can obtain career assessments and counseling and appointments at Staff Development and Professional Services (SDPS). Learn more about the career counseling services offered by Staff Development and Professional Services.


Internship and Career Center (ICC)

The Internship and Career Center has multiple ways to help you test out your career interests and advance your career experiences such as thru volunteer opportunities, internships and employment. They provide ongoing advising to hone your job search skills such as developing your job application materials, interviewing, and use of social media. Learn more about the resources offered at the ICC.

Grad Pathways

Grad Pathways provides multi-tiered career-related resources for UC Davis graduate students. Along with SHCS and the ICC, they co-sponsor the Grad student Career Exploration Group, as well as a Career Assessment Workshop Series. You can register for the Career Pathways Symposium, which is an annual day-long event featuring 12 concurrent panel discussions on career and professional development issues and a networking luncheon. You can gain support thru the Job Club, and develop job search skills and obtain industry information in the Job Search Jump Start workshop. Learn more about Grad Pathways.

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