Health: Self-Care, Insurance, and Research!

As a student, you may encounter many new situations and challenges as you progress through college life. We hope these resources will provide you with educational content relating to relevant health, wellness, and research topics. This short series of videos were created through a collaboration between UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services and the All of Us Research Program at UC Davis Health.

Health and Wellness Behaviors

Balancing various aspects of life can be tough when you are a student. As such, discussions around self-care have become more prevalent as it is increasingly recognized as a critical part of our daily routine. Self-care is self defined. But what does that mean? Check out the video to learn more.



Health Insurance

Worried about what your health care options are after leaving school? What are all of these health insurance related terms? How much should I expect to pay for health care? This video aims to give an intro to health insurance for college students.




Health Research

Research has the power to shape society in ways we don't always realize. There are many ways to get involved in research. Check out this video to learn more.