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Medical Staff

Staff Providers

Consulting Specialists

  • Dave Cosca, M.D.
    Dave Cosca, M.D.,
    Sports Medicine
  • Glenn Fortini, M.D.
    Glenn Fortini, M.D.,
  • Scarlett Kroencke, D.P.M.
    Scarlett Kroencke, D.P.M.,
  • Adele Moussas, M.D.
    Adele Moussas, M.D.,

  • Brandee Waite, M.D.
    Brandee Waite, M.D.,
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Gail Wong, M.D.
    Gail Wong, M.D.,

SHCS Counseling Services Staff

SHCS Counseling Services Management

  • Sarah Hahn, Ph.D.
    Sarah Hahn, Ph.D.,
    Director of SHCS Counseling Services, Psychologist
  • Diana Davis, Ph.D.
    Diana Davis, Ph.D.
    Associate Director of SHCS Counseling Services, Director of Clinical Services, Psychologist
  • Natacha Foo Kune, Ph.D.
    Natacha Foo Kune, Ph.D.
    Director of Training, Psychologist
  • Paul Kim Psy.D.
    Paul Kim Psy.D.
    Community Advisor Network (CAN) Program Manager, Psychologist

SHCS Counseling Services Program Coordinators

SHCS Counseling Services Clinical Staff

SHCS College Counselor Program

SHCS Community Advising Network (CAN) Staff

SHCS Counseling Services Postdoctoral Residents

SHCS Counseling Services Doctoral Interns

School of Medicine Counseling Services Staff

Veterinary Medicine (Vet Med) Counseling Services Staff

Health Education and Promotion (HEP)