Mindfulness and Relaxation Podcast


The intention behind these downloads is to introduce, educate, and expose you to some variations on how to purposefully relax or simply cope better. With practice, these exercises can be opportunities to gain some control over your response to stress and can help provide balance to the demands of life. You will find a variety of voices and techniques among the downloads, all of which promote the mind-body connection. We encourage you to practice what is useful to you and to feel free to edit and alter these practices in your own mind.

Relaxation can be accomplished through various means, including unhealthy avenues. Our hope is that you will attempt to incorporate healthier tools by slowly replacing any unhealthy ways of coping. It may take some practice. It may even feel uncomfortable to take some time to practice just being instead of doing something else. With more practice it can become easier and more familiar.

These exercises may be used in a preventative way, before the stress, worry, anger, or frustration begin to mount. Mindfulness exercises can help improve tolerance of difficult experiences. Relaxation practices can also be utilized in a restorative way to help decrease the cumulative effects of a stressful period of time, as well as to increase your sense of peacefulness, calmness, and perspective in your life.

We want to acknowledge that these downloads are a self-help tool. The self-help resources on this site are not intended to be a substitute for therapy or professional assistance. Some of this material may be contraindicated for people addressing trauma issues. UC Davis students needing more support or experiencing crisis can contact SHCS Counseling Services at (530) 752-2349 or Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services at (530) 756-5000.

Downloadable MP3s

Script created, adapted, and performed by Christy Hofsess and Karin Lawson; Music and soundtrack editing by Matthew Lawson.