Davis SHIP Benefits Information

Davis SHIP Benefits Information 2014-2015

Davis SHIP medical insurance coverage is provided by Aetna Student Health. UC Davis continues to participate in the system-wide UC SHIP coverage for both vision and dental coverage.

*Note to providers: If you would like information about joining the Aetna Student Health network to be able to provide services to UC Davis students at in-network rates, please contact Aetna Student Health 1 (855) 821-9710.

Davis SHIP combines medical, mental health, dental and vision coverage under one plan and is available for all registered UC Davis Students.

On campus medical, mental health and vision services are offered by Student Health and Counseling Services at the Student Health and Wellness Center and at North Hall. Dental services are not available on campus, but are available in the Davis community.

Davis SHIP Medical Benefits

Students receive primary care at UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS). If an SHCS provider determines that a student needs further care that cannot be provided by SHCS, a referral will be provided. The medical benefits of the plan are provided through Aetna Student Health and cover services that are not available at SHCS. Only those medical services received on the basis of an SHCS physician referral will be considered for payment by Davis SHIP

How to Use the Davis SHIP Medical Plan

Referral by an SHCS provider must be obtained BEFORE receiving non-emergency medical services. Only services received on the basis of an SHCS provider referral will be considered for payment.

  • Davis area (within 30 miles): Go to SHCS for primary care and/or a referral to a specialist. SHCS Insurance Services will help to determine your coverage and facilitate the referral process.
  • Within the United States: Prior to receiving treatment for non-emergency medical services, call SHCS Insurance Services during hours of operation to obtain a referral to a participating provider. Identify a local affiliated provider on the Aetna Student Health Website. Present your Davis SHIP ID card at the time of service.
  • Outside USA: Aetna Student Health contracts with On Call International, a travel assistance company. If you require medical care while traveling outside of the United States, you will need to contact On Call International and they can assist you in locating a local provider/hospital. You will be required to pay for any services received and then file a claim with Aetna Student Health for reimbursement. Please be sure to obtain a receipt for all services, preferably in English and in US Dollars. When you are outside the US, On Call International can be reached at 001-603-328-1956. Within the US, On Call International can be reached at 1-866-525-1956. You can find more detailed information about On Call International's services at Aetna Student Health.
  • Emergencies: Go to an emergency facility for treatment. You do not need a referral from an SHCS provider to receive emergency services. Payment of ER claims is subject to review by Aetna Student Health. Must meet “emergency” definition.

UC SHIP Vision Benefits

Your UC SHIP Vision benefits are provided through Anthem Blue Cross. Vision care is now available at Student Health and Counseling Services, with an Optometry Clinic and Optical Shop located at the Student Health and Wellness Center. The SHCS Optical Shop has over 500 frames to choose from and a full selection of contact lenses. In addition to SHCS' Optometry Clinic there are also many vision care providers available in Davis that accept the Anthem Blue Cross plan. Vision services DO NOT require a referral from SHCS.

How to Use the UC SHIP Vision Plan

To verify your coverage for vision care benefits, you will be issued an identification card. If you go to a participating vision care provider, you must present this card when you go for your appointment. A participating vision care provider will only charge your co-payment and any charges in excess of the Vision Care Benefit Maximum. When a participating vision care provider bills Anthem Blue Cross for covered services, Anthem will pay them directly. Please see the vision plan document below if you choose to see a non-participating provider.

For information about vision plan benefits and for a list of providers in Davis, please review the following documents:

UC SHIP Dental Benefits

Your UC SHIP dental benefits are provided through a Delta Dental PPO plan. Dentists are not available on campus; however, most dentists in the city of Davis are Delta Dental dentists. You may receive services from any licensed dentist worldwide; however, you will usually pay less if you visit a Delta Dental PPO Dentist or a Delta Dental Premier dentist. See below for details on how to find a dentist. Dental services DO NOT require a referral from SHCS.

How to Use the UC SHIP Dental Plan

This dental plan provides you with several options for choosing a dentist, with the opportunity for increased savings. Whichever dentist network you choose, your benefits and covered services remain the same. Please refer to the Delta Dental website, listed below, for complete description of the dental plan benefits and limitations.

  • Option 1
    For your lowest out-of-pocket costs, you may visit a Delta Dental PPO dentist. These are Delta Dental dentists who have agreed to accept discounted fees for Delta Dental PPO enrollees.
  • Option 3
    You may select any licensed dentist, even one who is not a PPO or Premier dentist. With this option, you will likely have higher out-of-pocket costs since these dentists have no fee restrictions.
  • Option 2
    You may visit a dentist from the Delta Dental Premier dental list. These dentists represent a very broad nationwide network whose fees are determined by Delta Dental. Your out-of-pocket costs with a Premier dentist will usually be lower than with a non-Delta Dental dentist.

For information about dental plan benefits and to find a Delta Dental dentist, please visit the Delta Dental UC SHIP website