Information for Parents and Family Members

Below are two resources for parents and family members of new students. The first is a booklet/resource guide that addresses the many of the health-related issues that new students face. This includes information topics such as preparing for medical needs away from home, Student Health and Counseling Services and resources available at UC Davis, the university’s health insurance requirement and some tips on parent/family involvement related to health risk behaviors. Also included below is a pdf of an introductory Powerpoint presentation that Student Health and Counseling Services presents in conjunction with the UC Davis Police Department to parents and family members during the UC Davis Orientation program held each summer.

Resource Guide for Parents & Family Members of New Students

Helping your Daughter or Son

Additional Web Links and Resources

The following are resource sections that include general information, as well as details regarding health-related requirements (such as insurance and immunizations) and recommendations for new students. In most cases, links to this information are also provided to incoming students by their school or college. Please take the time to look over each section to become familiar with requirements & recommendations and ensure that you don't miss any deadlines. If you are coming to UC Davis from another country, read this important information for international students about the health insurance requirements at UC Davis.