Nutrition Services Student Coordinator Positions

Nutrition Services Student Coordinator Positions

This position is ideal for a Clinical Nutrition major who is passionate about increasing cooking skills among the university population, and increasing access to nutrient dense foods. The position is ideal for an undergraduate or graduate student who is passionate about nutrition, food insecurity, hands-on teaching and collaborating.

Position Description

One academic year, paid ($11.25 per hour), 8-12 hours a week.

Nutrition Services Student Coordinators are responsible for planning, preparing and teaching hands-on cooking classes. This position requires that Student Coordinators keep the diverse UC Davis student population in mind when designing cooking class menus.  Maintaining food safety standards among Student Coordinators, participants and volunteers at all times is critical for this position. They will be responsible for coordinating HEP volunteers for cooking class set up, supervision and clean up.

Student Coordinators will get the opportunity to build and maintain an online recipe resource for students, and will gain experience with marketing and nutrition information on the SHCS website. They will collaborate with other campus entities including The Pantry and Cal Fresh to evaluate, assess, and implement interventions regarding food insecurity.

Qualifications: We are seeking students with the following skills, knowledge and abilities:

Required Experience

  • Food safety manager certified (ServSafe).
  • Ability to thoughtfully give and receive supervisor and peer feedback
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills to work and communicate effectively with a diverse group of students and staff
  • Experience using a variety of using social media platforms including Pinterest.
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to work autonomously and as part of a team.

Recommended Experience

  • Public speaking
  • Participation in or connection to other campus organizations and communities
  • Clinical Nutrition/Nutrition Science major or Nutrition Graduate Program
  • Completion of or concurrently enrolled in the NUT 116 series
  • Exemplary leadership and communication skills
  • Self-direction 

Medical Clearance Requirement - Since this position is located at a health facility, all employees are required to participate in preventive medical and monitoring programs, which include a blood test, physical exam and TB screening, and may also include immunizations. These screenings are provided to meet Federal, State, and University requirements.

Nutrition Services Student Coordinator Applications

Application Period: CLOSED