Staff Positions

Staff positions at SHCS (when available) are posted on the UC Davis Human Resources Website.

SHCS Counseling Services Training Program

UC Davis SHCS Counseling Services offers professional training opportunities for graduate students in counseling and clinical psychology.

Student Employment

Non-clinical student positions at SHCS are available throughout the year. When available, these positions are posted on the UC Davis Student Employment Website. Unpaid opportunities are also available as internship and volunteering opportunities.

Nutrition Student Assistant Positions

The Nutrition Services Division of Student Health and Counseling Services focuses on teaching students evidence based nutrition to help prevent disease or manage health. There are two paid positions ideal for Clinical Nutrition majors with an interest in community and clinical nutrition, sustainability, body image, and wellness.

Learn more about Nutrition Student Assistant Positions.

Teaching Kitchen Assistant

This position is in the Nutrition Services Division of Student Health and Counseling Services where the focus is teaching students evidence based nutrition to help prevent disease or manage health. The Teaching Kitchen mission is to provide nutrition education and cooking skills while keeping in mind affordability, sustainability and wellness. A paid opportunity is available for the Teaching Kitchen Assistant Position

Student Internship Opportunities

Health Education and Promotion (HEP) Student Assistants

Health Education and Promotion (HEP) recruits nine student assistants for each academic year. These are paid positions ($10.50 per hour). Student Assistants work 8 – 12 hours per week (average 10) when school is in session. Positions are available in three topic areas.

Learn more about the HEP Student Assistant Positions

Physical Therapy Internship

We offer a physical therapy internship at the SHCS Physical Therapy Clinic. Each quarter, there are positions open for students interested in volunteering 4 hours per week for 2 quarters (not necessary in sequence, but preferred) in order to gain experience in an outpatient physical therapy setting. Volunteer experience is often necessary to satisfy requirements for professional school applications, but students may volunteer simply to satisfy their curiosity. The SHCS Physical Therapy Internship is organized directly through the Physical Therapy Clinic. For more information about this internship, please call (530) 752-2318.

Social Media Coordinator

Work with the SHCS Marketing Department to develop and maintain various social media and online assets. This is a fun and fast paced position that provides a great opportunity for experience in mass communications as well as health education and promotion. This is a paid opportunity.

Learn more about the Social Media Coordinator Position

The Multicultural Immersion Program (MIP)

The Multicultural Immersion Program (MIP) promotes intercultural dialogue and seeks to promote mental health among marginalized communities. It has an academic and an internship/peer educator component. The MIP academic component is an intensive educational experience made possible through a partnership between SHCS Counseling Services and the Department of Sociology. The sociology 30 series help students apply concepts they are learning in the classroom to their lives. The goal is that students acquire knowledge, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills that facilitate their functioning in a multicultural society. The internship component has peer educators who are passionate about social justice and facilitate workshops that help promote mental health, particularly for students who have had felt oppression in the past.

Learn more about the MIP Internship

Student Volunteering Opportunities

The Mind Spa Ambassadors

The Mind Spa is looking for diverse students who value multiculturalism to apply for its volunteer Ambassador positions. This job is dedicated to making the Mind Spa accessible to all UC Davis students, and committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment that embraces the richness brought by the intersections of diverse cultural identities. When positions are posted, a full description of the job can be found at the Mind Spa employment page.

Other SHCS Volunteer Opportunities

Unpaid opportunities are available at SHCS Medical Services through our Health Education and Promotion and our Physical Therapy programs.

Advisory Committees

SHCS has student based Advisory Committees where students can be appointed for one-year terms by the Vice Chancellor. Learn how to participate in Advisory Committees.