Health Topics

The topics included in this section have been selected by our staff as common health topics related to the student population at UC Davis. On this page, the topics are arranged alphabetically.

If you do not find the topic you are looking for, please use our search feature or visit one of our Recommended Health Websites.

Newly Added Topics

A (Acne - Asthma)

B (Back Pain - Bladder Infection)

C (Canker Sore - Cystitis)

D (Dehydration - Dysmenorrhea)

E (Ear Inflammation - Emergency Contraception)

F (Family & Childhood Issues - Flu)

G (GERD - Gonorrhea)

H (Happiness - Hypertension)

I (Illegal Drug Use - Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

K and L (Knee Pain - Low Back Pain)

M (Medication - Mononucleosis)

N (Nail Fungal Infection - NuvaRing)

O (Oral Contraceptives - Otitis Media)

P (Painful Menstrual Cramps - Preparing for Medical Needs)

R and S (Relationships - Syphilis)

T (Tension Headaches - Tuberculosis)

V and W (Vaginal Spermicides - Yeast Infection)